Wednesday, November 12

Not much going on here.

Still knitting. A lot. Today, in addition to finishing up an adult hat, I took care of some loose ends. I finally knit the leaves for the baby apple hat.

Cute, right? This baby stuff is just killing me. Maybe I need to start making hats for the cats. Speaking of cats in hats, yesterday when I went to pick up cookies (wet food) for Rocky, I got sidetracked by the display of holiday wear for cats. I came THISCLOSE to buying reindeer antlers for Simon and a Santa hat for Rocky. Later I told Will about it and he said, "we're going back for those." The response to my comment that the cats would be super pissed if we try to put hats on them: "They keep us awake at night doing all kinds of crazy shit, I think they can handle a little bit of discomfort." We shall see.

I finally finished the felted handbag as well. The felting went great and the handbag has just been sitting on my desk, waiting for little red flowers to be attached. Done.

I'm pretty happy with this piece and plan to make some more with my own felted designs sewed on. Or buttons. (I didn't make the little flowers on this one.) It's just the perfect size for a night out. Keys, cell phone and a small wallet.

I've pretty much been avoiding football news this week because I still haven't recovered from our disappointing loss to the Colts. We should have won that game, but too many mistakes were made. I have no idea what to expect this weekend. Technically it should be a fairly easy win over the Chargers, but one never knows. Any given Sunday.

We're on the final season of The Wire. It's such a great television show. Right up there with Deadwood and Six Feet Under, at least in my book. It's going to be hard to let it go when we get to the end. But man, McNulty...he is SO BAD. So bad. I mean, I love his character. But. So bad. (We're on about episode three for those who have already watched the series.)

Anyway. Time to go heat up the manicotti from last night. Because yes, I am still cooking.

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