Tuesday, July 29

We are back!

Vacation was absolutely splendid. I am not quite ready to be back home even though it is nice to be with the kitties again.

On the first day of our drive, I took a lot of photos from the car. The clouds were amazing that day, and I just love the colors of the desert. It had been a very long time since I was west of Albuquerque and so my eyes were glued to the landscape for most of the day.

There is lots to show and tell, but I got up late this morning and have very little time before work. Must go water now.

P.S. I actually slept fairly well throughout our vacation, but as luck would have it, last night I barely got any sleep at all. Work is going to be f-u-n today!

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  1. welcome back! thanks for the postcard---can't wait to hear about the zoo!


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