Wednesday, July 9

All I really want to do these days

is go on hiking adventures!

We hiked 16 miles round trip on this past Sunday. Destination: Pecos Baldy Lake. It took us through grand meadows and forests of aspen and conifers. We saw elk (on our drive out there), deer, marmots and lots and lots of cows! It was all very exciting.

I keep meaning to write more here...I was kind of enjoying the daily posts. But I've been busy with work, knitting and watching Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica. And thinking about our upcoming vacation which is only 10 days away. Woo hoo! Still struggling over which cameras to take with me. Decisions, decisions.

As for the sleep issue, it is better and it is not. I still have yet to sleep through a night, but with some of the dietary changes and not drinking alcohol, I am feeling better than I was there for awhile. All I can do now is hope for that some of these changes eventually lead to better sleep.

Tomorrow we are off on another hike. We are headed up to Santa Fe Baldy with my dad. We did it last summer and the wildflowers at the top were amazing. Looking forward to getting up there again.

More soon. Be good.


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    ooh - battlestar is awesomesness distilled into a tv show

  2. we've been hiking all these same areas this summer too! maybe we'll run each to other on a mountain somewhere!


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