Tuesday, July 1

I love echinacea.

The echinacea in our garden is just starting to bloom. I have a white one which I bought at a nursery and a pink one that my mom transplanted from her garden.

I'd like to have more in our yard, but I think I am done planting for the season. Typically I get burnt out on gardening in September or so, but this year, I already feel burnt out. The bigger yard is just more work than I can handle and takes up a lot of time. I love gardening, but I do need to pay attention to the rest of my life as well! Plus the backyard frustrates me so because the giant elm tree does nothing but shed sticks and leaves all over the place.

Speaking of the yard, I have to go out and water. I'm behind schedule, as always. It baffles me that I can get up at 5:30 and still end up running late.

More soon...I want to tell you about our hiking adventures!

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