Wednesday, July 30

Joshua Tree

After spending the night in Needles, CA, we drove onto Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree National Park.

Let me tell you, Needles is not the most happening place! And gas was $5.29 a gallon. Fortunately we didn't need to fill up there. We had pizza at a local pizza joint and stayed at Motel 6. The next morning, we had to drive to 3 filling stations to find one that had hot water. (For my tea and Will's coffee.)

Upon arriving in Twentynine Palms, we drove through the town and then headed into the park. There is just so much to see in there. It was nearing 100 degrees, so we spent the day driving around the park, stopping at many of the exhibit points to check out the views and ever changing landscapes. So amazing.

Later in the afternoon, we checked into the Harmony Motel, a small motel on the edge of town. Their claim to fame is the fact that U2 stayed there while they were working on the Joshua Tree album. It's a pretty awesome place. We had the room on the end so had a great view of the desert. I think it reached 110 degrees that afternoon so we took a dip in the pool and then relaxed on our patio for awhile.

Ah yes, vacation!

There is so much to tell, and I keep getting up late so I'll have to continue with this in the days to come.

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