Friday, June 15

peony polas

Because I can never just use one camera!

pink peonies
Pretty in pink.

white peonies
White blur.

Double exposure.

I am happy for the rain we've had lately here in Santa Fe, but it cut the lives of my mom's blooming peonies short. I was hoping to cut more for a vase home, but they are all pretty mangled from rainstorms and wind. Alas.

It's been a good week.

show and tell
I tooled around on my bike a lot. I also pulled a lot of weeds. A LOT. I am a weed pulling machine. I scanned a lot of Polas and I am almost caught up. Yesterday I went over to mom and dad's so I could read in the courtyard. We have a lovely front porch here, but the courtyard gets more sun and it's nice to sit amongst all the flowers. Mom was on her way downtown for an historical event so I tagged along. It was interesting, but it made me sleepy. After it was over, we walked to the library so I could get a library card. Yea! I love going to libraries. It was a lovely day.

Today I am quite tired as I drank too much wine at dinner and did not sleep well. I don't like feeling this way, but it happens. This evening we are going to some art openings along Canyon Road. We haven't gone out much since we moved here so I am looking forward to it. Hope you all have lovely evenings and weekends!

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