Thursday, June 21

a few polas before I go

tues. evening sky
The sunset on Tuesday was lovely. Some day I will live on a hilltop so I can see more sky.

lemon zest petunias
Lemon Zest Petunias. Will picked these out at the nursery when we went garden shopping. They are in full bloom now and such a vibrant yellow. Both of these polas were taken with my SX-70. I purchased a neutral density filter a few weeks ago so I could use 600 film with the SX-70. (They discontinued SX-70 Time Zero early last year.) The 600 film is much faster than the Time Zero so without the filter, the polas would be overexposed. Anyway, the little piece of plastic was a bit on the pricey side, but man, it was worth it. I absolutely love the polas from this combo.

When my nephews were here this past Sunday, I took a few double exposures with my Spectra and they were fascinated that this could be done. "Do one of me now!" One of my favs from the day is this one of Aaron taken in front of the mirror.

And lastly, check out this pola-wall. Awesome.

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