Saturday, June 16

friday evening art and saturday morning farmers market

As I mentioned yesterday, we went out yesterday evening to check out some art along Canyon Road and Delgado Street. There are countless galleries in the area and we didn't do the whole stop in every gallery thing. On Canyon Road, we walked up to Galerie Corazon to check out the Lisa Chun collage work. It's a sweet little gallery (which doesn't seem to update their website), and the collage work was nice, but not completely inspiring. I much prefer the work of bugheart and gracia, two collage artists I stumbled across online.

We also popped in Seven-O-Seven next door because some work in the window caught my eye.

art at seven-o-seven
Unfortunately I can't remember the artist's name and I can't find the piece on the website. It is a ceramic piece using the Raku technique.

"Love Boat" by Jorge Santos
This piece by Jorge Santos ended up being my favorite at Seven-O-Seven. It's not something that I would consider my usual taste in art, but for some reason it jumped out at me. The piece is titled "Love Boat".

After our brief venture up Canyon Road, we went back down to Delgado where we went to the the openings at Randall M. Hasson and In Art. We also stopped in Galerie Esteban and Eight Modern. Neither were too impressive, but I did love this piece at Eight Modern as well as the chain-link sculptures they have (but can't find on the website). The In Art show, Outside the Lines, was the best of them all. It was the 4th Annual Gay Pride Art Show showcasing GLBT artists of New Mexico. Lots of really great work. I especially loved the work by Mark Garcia (which may be a regular artist of In Art and not part of the Pride show, but whatever). It was a good time.

This morning, I got up early, went running and then pedaled over to the Santa Fe Farmers Market. I've been dying to go ever since we got here, and finally today was the day. It was pretty exciting for me...there are so many meat booths Sheryl! Grass-fed pork, grass-fed beef, happy chickens, happy lambs...not that I am a total meat freak, but Ms. BamBam and Rebby turned us on to the grass-fed stuff and it is outstanding. I didn't really buy anything today, but don't you worry, I will. There were also loads of local farmers with greens, tomatoes and peas. Honey. Jam. Chile. Oh yes, chile. And lots of garden plants. Oh and goat cheese that was quite delicious. I rode home with two new plants for my garden.

a trip to the farmers market
Dahlias and daisies. New flowers for my garden make me oh so happy! And shooting 600 film with my SX-70 Polaroid makes me oh so excited!

The rest of the day was maybe not so good as I did something really stupid and it's going to cost us way too much money to fix, I am sure. But c'est la vie. Shit happens. (Car-related, driveway-related, mirror-related accident.)

Tomorrow it's hiking with dad, hubby, bro and nephews, the perfect Father's Day hike, no? A happy Sunday to you all and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!!

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  1. sounds perfect! and i love gracia and bugheart, and your dahlia polaroid - so pretty.


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