Monday, July 15

'Roid Week, Day One

I have to admit that my heart is not fully present for this year's 'Roid Week, but nonetheless, it does bring some needed distraction and I still love looking through the pool. In past years, I think I've actually shot most of my submissions during the week, but due to circumstances this year, I am not so sure I will even pick up a camera. Fortunately I have a decent backlog of photos that I have not yet posted anywhere. This morning I started with my sweet boy Rocky in a double exposure with the nasturtium in our garden and a shot from the first polawalk with my Impossible Class back in April. You can check out the whole 'Roid Week pool here.

[Polaroid Spectra + expired Polaroid Spectra Image film]

[Polaroid Spectra + PZ680 Color Protection film]

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  1. Happy 'Roid Week! I know that it's probably doesn't feel the same this year. *hugs*


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