Saturday, July 20

'Roid Week - Day Five (Faves)

Another 'Roid Week come and gone. It was a difficult week for me so I did not have my usual enthusiasm, but I still managed to be blown away by all of the incredible photos in the pool. It's always such an inspiring week, though, of course, I shoot instant film almost every day. Here are my Day Five faves. You can check out the group pool here - 3,351 submissions this year! Woohoo!

Oh! And because I love instant photos of cats, I made a few galleries for The Cats of 'Roid Week. You can check out all there here. (Rocky should be in them, but you can't put your own photos in a gallery created by yourself.)

1. Trees, 2. It Won't Stop, 3. Sunshine Surrounds, 4. Heaven, 5. Where I Go To Relax, 6. I thought I glimpsed the edge of the Universe., 7. sheep & buildings, 8. 59 Lily, 9. 'Roid Week day 5, 10. wanderlust, 11. camera hater, 12. with my cameras..., 13. into the sun..., 14. polapup, 15. Happy 'Roid Week 2013! (July 19), 16. Bye 'Roidweek 2013, 17. 'Roid Week #9, 18. I just need to put this down and say good bye for a little while, this is consuming me. - Ben, 19. Polaroid Emulsion Lift - Grand Guitar, 20. Let's Play Dead, 21. Untitled, 22. *, 23. Woods Hole Beach Path, 24. A Slice Of Light., 25. Untitled, 26. Untitled, 27. SX70 | PX70, 28. 'Roid Week #10, 29. 'Roid Week #10, 30. Untitled, 31. i let my heart fly away ..., 32. Aimee and Me, 33. St Martins in the Fields - 'Roid Week 2013 day5, 34. Untitled No. 7, 35. On the Precipice, 36. siblings

1. ., 2. Sand Castle PX70 Cool, 3. Let's Scoot!, 4. rat boy...v.1, 5. sunset at Cannon Beach, 6. swiftly go the days, 7. Aimee and the sewing machine, 8. newport bay marina, 9. it's the Mr Giggles show!, 10. huts, 11. american woods, 12. The Vase, 13. The Storm, 14. A Whisper in the Night, 15. Untitled, 16. Flowers, 17. display, 18. Respect for All Creatures Living and Passed, 19. AnneBoleyn, 20. Untitled, 21. Polaroids 1, 22. looking up, 23. #roidweek2013 (day 5), 24. The funeral for a mouse, 25. Untitled, 26. Dawn redwoods (Polaroid transfer), 27. Roid Week Day 5, 28. Blue Ridge Mountains, 29. Lost Wisdom., 30. Untitled

Some of the photos don't show up because they lack the proper permission (to be used with fds flickr toys) from the photographer, but you can follow the links below each mosaic to view each photograph.

[Created by fds flickr toys.]

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