Friday, April 26

List no. 11 :: Travel dreams.

  1. Dallas and/or Los Angeles for a Polawalk.
  2. New York City and The Impossible Project.
  3. Spain. Always dreaming of returning to Spain.
  4. The Northwest road trip. Drive to Seattle to Portland and then down the coast to San Francisco and then San Diego.
  5. Joshua Tree and The Harmony Motel in 29 Palms.
  6. The Salton Sea and Palm Springs.
  7. National Parks in Utah.
  8. New Orleans. Because I have never been there.
  9. England. So I can meet all my lovely Twitter friends who live in there.
  10. Pittsburgh. Always Pittsburgh.
  11. And honestly, right now I would take a night at the local Motel 6 so I could sleep through the wee hours of the morning without any disruptions caused by the cats.

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