Saturday, April 20

List no. 10 :: The week.

  1. It got cold again which is fairly normal for this time of year, but it's never much fun.
  2. Both cats are doing well.  Rocky is acting as normal as ever these days. 
  3. I love having Impossible Class. I started looking forward to the next one right after the first one. 
  4. Other than the class, I don't have a whole lot going on which makes me feel guilty at times.
  5. But I also really enjoy reading in the afternoon and having time to catch up on scanning photos.
  6. Still reading the Harry Potter series. I know what happens in all of them yet I still can't put them down once I get started.
  7. It amuses us to call the cats "Rocky Potter" and "Simon Potter" with a British accent.
  8. We're obviously amused far too easily.
  9. Although it was not such an amusing week outside of our own quiet house. I chose to be aware of the happenings but not spend my days absorbed in the repetitive news.
  10. I need to come up with some better list ideas.

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