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NYC :: The First Day

It seems sort of ridiculous to write about our trip so long after the fact, but it's something I've been meaning to do since we got back, so I'm going to do it. (For a shorter version and more instant film shots, please check out my Analog Travelog over on the Impossible Blog.)

We only had three full days there, but nonetheless, we had decided to relax and go with the flow rather than try to be out and about from morning until night. Of course I was dying to go visit The Impossible Project, but since they don't open at the crack of dawn, we decided to have a leisurely morning. I made a cup of tea while Will went out for his coffee and bagels from Murray's.

I was so happy to have one of these in front of me again. There just is no such thing as a "real" bagel here in Santa Fe. Revisiting this picture just makes me want to be there again.

So we noshed on our bagels and then got ready to head out. Before we hit the streets, I wanted to check out the rooftop garden so we took the elevator to the "penthouse" floor which was really just a cover for the 13th floor as there was no penthouse. The views did not disappoint and I took a photo of one of the water towers, the first water tower photo of many from our trip.
[Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 SE + PX70 Color Protection film]
The weather was pretty nice while we were there. We had to bundle up a bit, but it wasn't all that cold which made it slightly easier to shoot instant film. From our apartment, we headed over to Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building. The city didn't feel quite so overwhelming as it did the night before. I was just so excited; I could hardly believe that we were there, walking around, and that later in the day, I would finally be able to see The Impossible Project NYC Space in person.

[Polaroid Spectra + PZ600 UV+ Silver Shade film (03/11 batch]
We also made a quick stop at the Ace Hotel. We stayed at the one in Palm Springs a few years ago and really enjoyed it, plus there was a small showing of Impossible photos in their gallery that I wanted to see. And, of course, the photo booth.

Next, we headed down to Union Square, then over to Fifth Avenue and Washington Square Park.

[Polaroid Spectra + PZ600 UV+ Silver Shade film (03/11 batch]
I went to NYU for the first two years of college and lived right on the park so being back there always brings back a flood of memories. We hung out there for a bit and the headed down to Houston Street and over to Broadway. It felt good to be walking around and it made both Will and I very nostalgic about our time in NYC.

And then, finally, we were at The Impossible Project NYC Space. A dream come true for me.

They're on the 5th Floor, but I didn't want to take the Hellevator, as it is so fondly called, so we took the stairs. I think I sprinted up all five flights.

And then we were there. And it was pretty damn awesome. It was so great to meet people that I know from Twitter and/or Instagram. And, of course, it was amazing to be able to see two of my photos hanging on the wall as part of the "Out of the Blue" exhibit.

We hung out there for awhile and then left to find some place to have lunch. We ended up at Fanelli's Cafe on Prince Street. It's a cozy spot and I had a damn good BLT with french fries.

[Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 SE + PX70 Color Protection film]
We wandered around Soho for awhile to check out some shops, but I really didn't have the energy - or the funds - to do any serious shopping. I did enjoy our stop at the Converse shop and could not resist buying a t-shirt there. That was my only NY purchase besides film and other goodies at The Impossible Project.

We wandered back up to Washington Square Park and then over to the West Village, because it's an area that I know well. At this point, we had been walking around for HOURS and we were feeling pretty exhausted. But we kept walking, heading up and over, up and over, until we hit the High Line and walked back to Chelsea. It was time for a rest before heading out to meet a friend of mine from my NYU days.

[Polaroid Spectra + PZ680 Color Protection film]
After I left NYU, I went back to New York to visit my friend, Brad, pretty regularly for the next 15 years or so. He's lived in the West Village since he moved out of the NYU dorms so when we discovered the Cowgirl Bar in 1992 or so, it became a regular spot for us. Later, when Will and I lived in NYC, it became a place we frequented as well, mostly when we wanted margaritas and nachos. (There's one in Santa Fe as well, but they are not related and we don't like the one here all that much although it is a very popular spot with most locals and tourists.) So that's where we met up with Brad. Just like old times. Brad and I were both flabbergasted when we realized that we had been meeting up there for  the past 20 years. Talk about feeling old. Twenty years!

[Polaroid Spectra + PZ680 Color Protection film]
We had a great time catching up with him and consuming a plate of nachos all too quickly. Eventually we headed back to his place since we had never been to his current apartment.

Another beer and then it was time to head back up to Chelsea. But first, we all need some more food in our bellies so Brad took us to have late-night pizza. We could not have had a more awesome day.

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