Monday, March 18

NYC :: Day Three

Our third morning was just about the same as the previous two mornings: tea, coffee, bagels. The only solid plans for the day were to return to The Impossible Project Space to meet Anne and to (hopefully) get together with some old friends in the evening. In all honestly, as much as we were enjoying the big city, we were also ready to head back home.

Since being in the city, we had either walked or taken a cab everywhere we went. But on this day, we decided it would be best to take the subway downtown. We walked over to Madison Square Garden and of course could not find the right entrance. (This was rather frustrating for both of us since we used to take the subways everywhere.) We ended up walking around the little park for awhile, watching the squirrels and looking up at all the buildings.

We finally made it to the right entrance and headed down to catch a train. Almost immediately, we saw some dude lick his MetroCard before using it which totally grossed us out. Next, a giant rat went scuttling down the tracks. Ah, New York. And to think that we both used to take the subway to and from work daily. We weren't anxious about being down there, but I don't think either of wanted to touch anything at that point. No matter, we survived the ride and made it back to The Impossible Project Space and finally got to meet Anne, aka polaroidgirl, aka the most fabulous person in the world. This trip to NYC would not have been complete if we had not gotten to meet her.

We hung out there for awhile and then headed back up to Chelsea. I think we ended up getting off the train at Union Square and sort of wandered west and up for awhile until we hit a Vietnamese restaurant, Omai, that the gallery folks had recommended to us the previous day. Best decision ever. The food was so good. We started out with the crispy spring rolls which were perhaps the best that we have ever had. I don't remember what Will had, but I had the Pho which was pretty incredible as well. We wandered around a bit more after lunch and then totally lamed out and went back to the apartment. We were tired and waiting to hear from friends and it just seemed like the best plan at that point.

That evening we still didn't have a solid plan with our friends so decided just to head down to the East Village and have a drink while we waited for a call. Of course we got down there and totally blanked on bars. We were just about to go into one place when our friend called. We were standing on a corner and as he and Will talked, they determined that the friend was walking straight toward us. Talk about good luck and timing. So we ended up heading back to his place to hang out for the evening. He and his wife recently had a baby and we were thrilled to be able to meet her. It was a mellow evening of friends, pizza and beer. Perfect for our last night.

For a shorter version of our trip and some of my Impossible film shots, check out my Analog Travelog on the Impossible Blog.

[All photos in this post were shot with an iPhone4 + Instagram.]

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