Thursday, August 2


[Polaroid SLR 680SE + expired Polaroid 779 "Share the Love" instant film]

I love summer although right now I could do without the sweltering hot days and nights that we are having. It cools off outside in the evenings, but our bedroom is usually about 88 degrees when I get into bed. It doesn't make for very good sleep. This whole week has been filled with restless nights and weird dreams. I sleep, but it's not solid or deep, and it feels like I wake up every hour although that may just be part of the weird dreams. I have no idea.

Nonetheless, it is still one of my favorite seasons. And while I wish my days were filled with sparkling blue swimming pools and days at the beach, I make due with enjoying our backyard and watching the garden grow. It's been a good gardening year and I'm thrilled to have so many tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers growing. We also have some jalapeno peppers and a random watermelon. I didn't plant any watermelon so I am guessing that there was a watermelon seed mixed in with the cucumber seeds. Kind of cool since I've never grown watermelon before!

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