Wednesday, July 25

Things I think about when I run.

- Blog posts. Which I typically forget about and never write, but that said, I did think about this one today!

- Witty things to tweet which I forget well before I even get back home.

- Emails and letters get composed in my head but again, they usually never get written.

(Obviously I should take a Dictaphone with me or something.)

- The day ahead and things that need to get done.

- Regrets, the past. Two topics that I usually try to shed quickly because they typically don't lead to a good place.

- Photos that I want to take of things that I see while running as well as photos that I want to take in general.

- I imagine what it would be like to live in some of the houses that I pass.

- Things that I need/want to knit/crochet/make.

- What I might eat for lunch. And dinner.

- The sounds that I hear, birds chirping, cars going too fast, snippets of conversations, rustling in the bushes...I never run with headphones and while I understand that tunes motivate people, I like hearing what's around me. And who's coming up behind me.

- I dream about vacations that I wish we could take. Or vacations that we have coming up.

- Books that I am reading or that I want to read.

- Lately, things that I would like to do for my birthday.

- Also lately, what it would be like to hike the Pennine Trail with my dad and Will.

- What I would do if I had $10,000 out of the blue. (Pay off debt! Buy more film!)

- What I would do if we won the lottery, millions of dollars. How our lives might change.

- Other what if games...what if this happened or that happened...what would I do, where would I end up?

- The clouds, the sunshine, the mountains and the critters that I sometimes see.

- Sometimes if I am not feeling great (emotionally), I think about how nice it would be if I could outrun those feelings. Leave it all behind.

- The crick in my knee, the rubbing of my socks, the sweat dripping off my long ponytail.

- I often count my blessings...thinking of things that make me grateful.

- Sometimes I think about how lost I would be if I couldn't run anymore. (That's terrifying to me.)

- I think about how long I have been running (in my life), how it has affected me (and how I should write a blog post about it).

- And sometimes, perhaps the best times, I think about nothing but my legs moving, my arms pumping and my breathing.

Sometimes my head is actually quiet.

[Obviously this list could go on forever. My thoughts fly all over the place and it also depends on what's currently going on, but I guess these are some of the things that come up frequently.]

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  1. I'm glad I got a chance to read this - I do that to (compose letters in my head that are never written) and the houses! It would be difficult to run and take a camera, but tempting.


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