Friday, July 13

Birthday wishes.

Lavender (again)
[Lavender | Polaroid Spectra + PZ680 instant film]

I know I've mentioned before that I like birthdays. Your birthdays. My birthday. Even if it does mean getting another year older! (Although this year I will actually be getting  younger since I've spent most of the year thinking that I am 43 when I am actually only 41 so I'll be turning 42. I have no idea how I manage to make myself older some years.)

My birthday is a ways off, but naturally I've already been thinking about how I would like to celebrate. So I thought I'd share my list with the world in hopes that maybe putting it out there will make one of my wishes actually happen! You never know, right?!

- Dinner at Union Pig & Chicken in Pittsburgh.

- Barbeque with friends (preferably in Pittsburgh!)

- Road trip to the desert with Will, maybe back to Joshua Tree or Palm Springs.

- Long weekend in San Diego with my aunt and uncle which would involve a lot of relaxing, walks on the beach, and margaritas and grilled steaks on the patio.

- Long weekend in New York City because I haven't been back since we left in 2005 and I am absolutely dying to visit the Impossible Project space there. (I would also love to stay at the Ace Hotel but that's probably not doable at all even if we did manage to get to NYC.)

- Long weekend in San Francisco because I haven't been there since...good grief, the early 1990's...and so we could hang out with one of my favorite people ever. And go to the leather bar where he bar tends.

- Trash Disco night at Rouge Cat .

- Celebrating a weekend late by going to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos game, the season opener!

Basically I want to travel, eat and dance for my birthday! And of course everything on the list includes being with Will!


  1. if you make it out to southern cali, it would be fun to meet, and if there is time, shoot. :)

  2. Travel, eat, dance - that sounds like the best way to spend a birthday pretty much ever. :D

  3. I love your love for Birthdays! I share the same enthusiasm! When is yours?!


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