Sunday, August 19

'Roid Week, Day Five

I'm a bit late with this last 'Roid Week post! Believe it or not, there are some days that I am not glued to the computer.

My day five submissions:

Aspen trees
[Polaroid Automatic 250 camera + Polaroid 100 Blue film, expired 04/2009]

Another shot from last month when we went hiking along the Windsor Trail to Puerto Nambe. I love aspen trees and this was a favorite from the day. I think the light makes the forest look magical.

[Polaroid SX-70 camera w/ ND filter + PX680 Gold Frame film]

I took this selfie during 'Roid Week. I was going to skip posting a selfie this year, but I was so pleased with the way this one turned out, I decided it to use it. The zinnias are the first small bunch that I cut in our garden. I love zinnia season! (As most of you know.)

And there you have it. Even when it's not 'Roid Week, there is no shortage of instant film shots around here. It's been fun blogging this past week so hopefully I can try to do it more often again!


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