Tuesday, October 4

Wish you were here.

And I wish that I was still there!

This was our view from the second floor balcony which was so conveniently located right outside of our bedroom! I could have sat up there forever, just looking at the ocean. And in fact, I did spend quite a bit of time stepping out on the balcony, breathing in the ocean air and watching the waves.

The moon was full while we were there so at night, we had some incredible views of the moonlight reflecting off the water. It was magical. Really.


I miss the ocean.

[A total aside here, but one night, Will and I took a walk on the beach. He asked me if I would get in the water. I said no, of course, because I have seen Jaws a million times and it has totally instilled the fear of sharks in me. I used to get scared of the drains in the deep ends of swimming pools. Seriously. So getting in the water at night? Under the moonlight? And maybe making out? That's just asking for a shark attack.]


  1. That sounds amazing! Where is this photo taken?

    (PS. Your little story about being scared of sharks, totally made me giggle, which I really needed today. Thank you.)

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM

    If it makes you feel better, I used to be afraid of Olympic pools with the lane "T"s painted on the bottom because they made me think of hammerheads.


  3. I love the ocean, too, it calls me! Figures, here I am in the middle of the "boringest" desert. I was scared to take a bath after seeing Jaws when I was a kid. Scary! Glad you had an extra-nice time!


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