Thursday, October 6


I love watching birds at the beach. In Isle of Palms, there are always seagulls, of course, the little sand pipers that scurry along the sand, never standing still long enough for me to capture a close up, and my favorite, the pelicans.

This year, we hardly saw any pelicans which seemed rather strange to me as usually there are lots of them, swooping down into the ocean to catch fish. So every time I did see one, I got super excited. Pelicans!

One of the most exciting bird sightings though, was not a marine bird, but a red tailed hawk that settled in on the roof of the house next door.

There were actually two of them, soaring high in the sky and then sitting perched on the roof, looking out toward the ocean.

We stood on the second floor balcony for a long time, just watching them. Hawks are such majestic creatures.

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  1. I love Red Tailed Hawks. The calls they make sends shivers up my spine. They're a pretty common thing up in Northern BC, where I grew up, but I still stop every time I see one and watch it fly.


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