Saturday, February 5


It wasn't my intention to spend the whole day involved in various game day preparations, but that's what happened.

First up, cleaning the house. Once again it strikes me as a bit foolish to clean the house before we have people over tomorrow, but of course that's part of the reason that I clean the house. Can't have people over with crumbs in the carpet.

Then I decided that I should make another baked dip. No matter that we already have plenty of food planned. One more dip couldn't hurt, right? Right. So I had to go back out to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for said dip. And while I was out, I decided I should go to Party City and buy some balloons. (One of which just popped. I refuse to read this as a bad sign.)

When I got back home, I figured since we now have balloons, I should probably pull out some of the other black and gold decorations. So I spent a good part of the afternoon putting up crepe paper. The crepe paper completely traumatized Simon for no apparent reason. He was so terrified of the paper, he had to go outside. Being terrified of the vacuum I understand. Being terrified of crepe paper, not so much.

Now I am totally exhausted.

Tomorrow I plan to run and then spend the afternoon making the snacks. I know that I am going to be full of excitement and nervous energy so being able to focus on making food will be the best thing for me.

The main course will be chopped steak sandwiches and potato salad. We'll also have the usual array of snacks:

- my homemade guacamole
- the Tex Mex Pimento cheese dip
- cream cheese and green chile tortilla wraps (sliced into bite sizes pieces)
- peanuts
- chips and salsa
- the new dip, spinach sausage bean dip
- the veggie plate with onion dip
- oh and the crack dip, i.e. Fiesta dip (store bought dip that is basically sour cream and salsa)
- a variety of crackers, tortilla chips, corn chips, pita chips & crostini
- black and gold chocolates (like m-n-m's) straight from Pittsburgh
- and probably something else that I am forgetting

I am hoping that making all the dips and what not will keep me busy for most of the afternoon. Will is in charge of the chopped steak sandwiches.

Okay, I'm off to try to get some relaxing in this evening.

Go Steelers!

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