Sunday, February 13

Happy Birthday to Rocky!

The birthday boy.

Yesterday was Rocky's 12th birthday. I can't believe that my sweet boy is already 12! He spent most of the day outside enjoying the sunshine and rolling in the dirt. And wishing that I would get all my cameras out of his face. It's funny, he used to be quite the model and Simon was the one who hated the camera. Now it's Simon who poses for me and Rocky who moves the minute he sees me with a camera.

Rocky is truly one of the sweetest parts of my life. Not so much when he's waking me up at five in the morning, but the rest of the time, he brings us so much joy and entertainment.

rocky in a bag...again!

He's always loved to get in bags. And boxes. And purses. And shoes. Although now he doesn't really fit in purses and shoes so instead he just lays on top of them.

rocky & rubber duck

And he's always had a thing for tubs.

Now Rocky has two tubs to sit in.

rocky gets his time in the flower pot

And flower pots.


He loves to be outside.

To nap in the garden.

rocky diving at the snow

Play in the snow.

Rocky has a dirt beard.  And dirt gloves.

Roll in the dirt.

And sometimes get into fights which lead to trips to the vet and not very fun things.

stare down

He likes to hang out with Will at breakfast time.

that's catnip on his belly

And like any cat, he loves to lounge around. Whether it's on his cardboard scratcher after some catnip,

He is the cutest.

or in his bed.

Sometimes he heads out on adventures,

heading out on an adventure

but he always comes back home to take another nap,

Rocky doesn't like to share the remote even when he is napping.

and maybe watch some television.

Rocky vs. Simon

He and Simon really don't like each other,

kitty love 3

but every once in awhile they trade some licks.

rocky waiting for dinner

Of course Rocky's absolute favorite thing to do is eat.

But he's still managed to lose weight over the years and looks pretty slim and trim these days.


Happy Birthday Rocky!


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Great series! I love the first bathtub picture, and the one where Rocky is jumping into the snow. Too cute. Hooray for awesome pets!

  2. love that pic where he's diving into the snow. happy birthday Rock!

  3. This Rocky post really cheered me up. He's so cute! I love the photo where he's in the yard with the orange and red flowers, staring down the camera. That's his album cover.


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