Wednesday, December 15

Yarn fuzz and some faves.

Perhaps yarn fuzz art should be my new thing. I imagine it has already been done.

So we don't decorate around here. And by "around here" I mean our house, not Santa Fe. Santa Fe has plenty of festive lights and decorations going on.

But while at home, I am getting my holiday decorations vicariously through Flickr.

Sometimes Flickr just wears me out, but then, there is is always THAT PICTURE. The one that totally blows me away. And that's why I keep looking. Always.

Some recent faves:

Maddie has totally been blowing me away with her Spectra Softtone images and this one is no exception.

Also love this shot of mercury birds from Laney.

And I love that Brooke decorated her indoor potted tree. Fabulous.

Ashley got the perfect winter wonderland shot with the PX100 film from the Impossible Project.

How cool is this wreath that Tracy made? So simple and beautiful. I wish I had such brilliant ideas!

From Vanessa, sheer magic.

This portrait
from Azuree is so stunning. I wish I had such skills with the new films.

And I could go on, but I won't. It's time to go make the salad and try to get my husband out of the studio so he can make the pizza. I'm dying to finish season one of Friday Night Lights!

(No idea why it took us so long to get to this show considering our total football obsession. I keep telling Will he needs to be a a high school football coach. I mean, his dad was one, that's qualification enough, right?)


  1. Thanks for the mention! So sweet. I feel the same way about Flickr and Tumblr! Sometimes it feels so overwhelming to look but then you find those pictures that keep you coming back!!

  2. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Thank you so much for mentioning my photo. *hugs*

    Flickr and the internet in general overwhelms me sometimes too, there is so much amazing creativity out there, it's so hard to stop looking sometimes and create your own work.

  3. Donut5:32 PM

    we so love FNL - at least you have multiple seasons to look forward to! we just finished the most recent ep like an hour ago. so good! the kids move on periodically just so you know, but it makes it more realistic in my eyes.


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