Thursday, December 9



I woke up to some sad news this morning from friends in Pittsburgh about their awesome cat Isaac. He is no longer with us and he shall be greatly missed.

Isaac was a great fluffy gray ball of strong personality and total sweetness. I remember when I first learned of Isaac, I was told that he had quite the bad reputation. He had a tendency to attack people and perhaps even trap them in the bathroom from time to time.

I got along pretty well with Isaac and always loved him no matter if he scratched me, but I do think he trapped me in the bathroom a time or two. A gray ball of fluff with sharp claws can be quite intimidating.

my...what big paws you have!

I was never really afraid of him, I just tried my best to respect him. Sometimes he would let me pet him, sometimes he wanted none of it.

isaac the vampire

Such a handsome cat, that one. And just so awesome.

clem & isaac and the giant ball of pink cord

I loved him like one of my own.

Dana and Isaac.

And my heart goes out to my friends who found him when he was not even 6 weeks old. Isaac had a good life and a fairly long one at age 16, but no matter, it is never an easy thing to lose a beloved pet.

Rest in peace Isaac.


  1. Donut7:00 PM

    Thanks Juli. It was so nice to hear your memories and see the pictures (love the first one so much; laughed at the last where 1. young!, 2. isaac had a tag??, 3. most people would be stunned to see isaac held over my shoulder like that).

    We actually found him when he was 1 week old, hence his blindness, the bottle feeding. and the warm washcloths to teach him how to go to the bathroom.

    Never again will I have to warn that no matter what he says, don't pet his belly. I think I have said that line to every person who has walked into my house for 16 years!

  2. Donut7:11 PM

    Oh - and you will be glad to know that he went out fighting, attacking and growling at the vet and vet tech despite barely being able to breathe. They were stunned (you know nobody - no vet or groomer - ever believed me when I told them how much he would act out).


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