Wednesday, October 27

The last of the zinnias.

On Monday afternoon I went out and cut most of the zinnias in the yard. And I am so glad that I did because that night it got cold enough to freeze most of the flowers in our yard. Zinnias can withstand quite a bit of cold, but apparently it was just too cold that night and when I went out on Tuesday morning, I found a lot of not so happy brown zinnia flowers and stalks. Alas!

No matter, I have a lovely bouquet in the kitchen and one on my office desk. And after spending most of the fall trying not to take too many zinnia photos, I gave in today and took a bunch because I realize that maybe in my attempt not to take too many, I didn't take enough.


Zinnias make me happy.

The giveaway ends tonight, tomorrow I shall draw some names and Friday I will announce the winners!

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