Sunday, October 10


My submmission to 101010: a most auspicious day.

We drove up to Aspen Vista to check out the golden aspens and take some photos. It was nice to get out and breathe some mountain air, but there were TONS of people up there. (Of course.) Will commented that it was worse than being at Whole Foods. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the beautiful light and colors and each others company.

We climbed down a little hill to get some pictures and there was a family down there, having fun and taking photos. The mother was wearing a Steelers hoodie. She was taking photos of the kids playing and what not, then called her husband over. "Come on, let's get a picture of us having good times without beers in our hands."

I am still laughing.

After a few minutes of watching her take family photos, I asked her if she wanted me to take a shot with her camera so she could be in it. She was hesitant and then Will said, "we're Steelers fans too." That seemed to make it all okay.

The husband laughed and said, "All the Steelers fans are in the mountains today because we have the day off." (It's our bye week.)

Steelers fans are the best.

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