Friday, October 22

How about some Etsy love?

Well alright then.

I'm really loving felted stuff right now. Yes, my love for felt work extends far beyond what I do (which is more properly called "fulling").

I recently discovered PenFelt through a friend here in Santa Fe and I love her work. I especially love the hair pins and flowers.

Love these hair pins as well.

Oh and my love for nifty t-shirts never ends. This roller skate t-shirt rules. As does all of WrenWillow's work.

'Tis the season for cowls and while I already have two that I love, I now have my eye on this pattern from pixiebell's shop. I always admire Mobius cowls and I imagine this would be a pretty quick knit with chunky yarn.

My need for tops from Ellaina Boutique continues as well. I love the tank that I purchased during the summer and recently I bought this long-sleeved cowl which is awesome. Sue's work is amazing and she provides excellent customer service. I really want one of everything.

I've got my eye on one of these garlands from MaryMade too. I think it will be the perfect decoration for that space over my office window that I've yet to fill.

Someone actually gave me an owl print from this shop for my birthday. I love it and I always really dig this "Watch the Birdie" print too.

So much great stuff on Etsy, if I had a million dollars, I'd buy it all!

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