Friday, July 30

Link love.

Absolutely love this photo...Mermaid by caballosblancos. It was taken with test PX70 film, the new color film from The Impossible Project. (I ordered some yesterday and can't wait to try it!)

And this dreamy beach photo by jefferywithtwof's.

Cherry Patch Ranch by Nick Leonard is so hilarious and an awesome Polaroid capture.

Lots and lots of awesomeness on Etsy...

like this sweetFloating Lily Hanging Mobile.

and these Bronze Tiny Twig Hair Pins. I've been looking for interesting hair pins and these are perfect for a girl who loves trees! And birds too!

I've been looking for a covered butter dish since last fall when Rocky knocked my Fiestaware one off the counter and broke it. (He was trying to get at the butter.) They are not easy to come by. At the kitchen shops, all we could find was plastic or an uninteresting glass one. It finally dawned on me that I should check on Etsy and sure enough, I found this ceramic butter dish. I think it might end up being the one.

Fun stationery at Paper in Style.

And this Modern Baby Clock is just too cute.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And don't forget to enter the giveaway before midnight tomorrow!

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