Thursday, July 29

Echinacea on PX 600.

I fell in love with the PX 600 film from The Impossible Project the first time that I used it. And I had splendid luck with that first pack. The second pack, not so much. Too much heat caused most of the photos to come with with that heavy rust tone which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I have really been wanting to get that silvery tone that some folks manage to get. And, due to the killer crystal problem, most of my early photos look nothing like that did in the beginning. Most developed the killer crystal and turned very orange. (Now I know how to try to prevent these problems.)

I wasn't angry so much as frustrated. The film I purchased was the first release, the first flush, so I knew it was still in development and that there would be some quirks. But it's still kind of sad to pull out recent photos and find that all the original and beautiful tones are gone. Thank goodness for scanning!

Anyway, since the weather cooled down some, I decided to pull out a third pack. The first shot was a disaster especially after I tried to peel it to preserve it. I peeled too early and it turned into a gooey mess. Ugh.

So yesterday I stuck my camera in the fridge for a few hours and then took some pictures. My camera was full of condensation (duh) and so I had trouble focusing, but I like the way this shot turned out. Still not silvery, but not rusty orange either. Definitely an improvement and enough so that I'm excited about using this film again.

Not so sure that chilling my camera is such a good idea, at least not my SLR 680 which would be hard for me to replace, but I'll be chilling the film again for sure.

I can't wait for the release of the new color film which is happening TODAY!!

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