Tuesday, July 6

Link love. (And raise your hand if you are tired.)

I am raising my hand.

I know, I know, you're rolling your eyes and thinking, "So what else is new? And we all know that you can't sleep most of the time."

But it is getting better, slowly, so when it gets worse again, I think I notice it more. Or maybe I am just crazy.

This week it is Simon's fault. He woke me up at 1:30am this past Saturday and I lay awake until 4:00am when both cats went outside. Then on Sunday, the 4th of July, I hardly got any sleep because of all the goddamn noise. Until two in the morning. Last night I conked out but awoke at 2:00am when Simon put his paws up on the bed and said, "MEOW!" very loudly in my face.

So today has been a day of exhaustion and not getting enough done. I know I am really sleep deprived when I can't even focus on knitting and crocheting.

But I guess I don't really have insomnia. I have cats. If only I were a heavy sleeper! That might just solve all the lack of sleep issues!

And now, if you've stuck with me, on to some link love.

As I've mentioned before, I love letterpress. I also love Pittsburgh. I lived there for almost ten years and it is one of my favorite cities. So of course I think this brand new Etsy shop, Cardomom Press, is pretty awesome. All her cards (at the moment) are Pittsburgh landmarks and look absolutely beautiful.

Another great love of mine is t-shirts. Really I love all t-shirts, but I especially love silk screened t-shirts. One of my all time favorite shops for t-shirts is Supermaggie. I'm not sure how I stumbled across their work, but I fell in love immediately and have bought many t-shirts over the past few years. Will gets a new one every birthday and Christmas. Love the designs and the t-shirt quality is excellent. They make some for tiny ones too.

The Shop at boygirlparty.com is another long time favorite. Susie's drawings are so wonderful and whimsical. She has everything from notepads and magnets to t-shirts and necklace.

Awhile back I discovered brandon's blog via a photo of an old friend that was posted on Facebook. Since then I've been checking in fairly regularly as I really love his photography. I especially love his portraits, but really all his work is interesting. I am just not good at writing about it. (Sorry.)

And through that blog, I discovered amanda marsalis who takes the most wonderful Polaroids. Full of light and life. I am never disappointed.

One more favorite new blog is Eyeblog. I think I discovered Tara via habit. Another wonderfully visual and poetic blog that has rapidly turned into a daily read for me.

It's so nice to be discovering so many new fabulous and inspiring places to visit online!

Happy sleeping to you! (And me!)

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  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    If you love t-shirts you should check out Threadless.com. They have some fabulous work! All the t-shirt designs are submitted by artists and then voted on by viewers. Very fun!


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