Thursday, April 22

My new love, PX 600...


First shot I took, this film blew my mind. The tones are incredible. The scanner does not do it justice, trust me. You need to see it in person.


Granted, the film is just as sensitive as the PX 100. If it gets too much light after exiting the camera, things can happen. I was taking this in direct sunlight underneath our skylight and probably didn't get the dark slide over the whole piece of film in time, hence the much lighter bottom portion. But no matter, it's still a photo that I love.

And this one? Perhaps one of my favorite shots ever. (Although I am sure I've said that before!) I scanned it immediately and while the tones didn't change much in the later scan, I noticed that the first scan was a lot smoother. I like the grainy look of this later scan though.

My love.

I am seriously in love with this film. I wish I had a million dollars, or even an extra couple of hundred that I could spend stocking up on it. Looking forward to testing it out some more.

Also, does anyone else think it is weird that this guy on Flickr tends to favorite shots of Will a lot? Do I need to block him?


  1. hahaha, does he leave creepy comments too? that's usually when i hit the BLOCK :)

  2. no creepy comments, just quietly favorites will!


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