Thursday, April 8

The first few shots.

My Impossible Project instant film arrived on Tuesday and I had the box opened seconds after the UPS man dropped it off. I was so so excited to try it out. A bit nervous as well since I knew there was a good chance that my first shot would pop out and be completely blank. The PX 100 Silver Shade / First Flush is tricky film. (I've posted many articles and reviews about it over on Tumblr.)

I figured it was best to start indoors since it is so sensitive to light after it comes out of the camera. So of course I took pictures of my three favorite beings, Will, Rocky and Simon.


The camera stuck before spitting out (and let me tell you, this camera spits) and I moved, hence the double eyes and blurry face. But I think the tones are nice and I was thrilled to at least have an image appear! The original shot is a bit more sepia toned than the scan.

Rocky without a face.

I tried to steady the camera on the floor for this shot of Rocky, but I still managed to flinch when the shutter stuck and so blurry again. I love how you can see Rocky's dark spots though. About the same light as the one of Will, but this one has much more contrasty blacks and whites in it.


With this shot, I managed to hold the camera steady against the bed so it is in focus. Bright sunlight was coming in the window to the left. Hardly any contrast at all here, but I like it. And it's not blurry!

All three shots got some exposure to light after coming out of the camera. I have not mastered grabbing the film and getting it into darkness immediately.

It's definitely not party film, but I really like it so far. It's fun to experiment, albeit a bit pricey. I image that once I get through the first pack, I'll be a little more cautious about what I shoot and when. The first pack is all about testing things out though. I have one shot that I took yesterday that came out well although the subject matter is not all that exciting. I'll post it when I get it scanned. I'm really curious about shooting outdoors. It wasn't warm enough yesterday, but maybe today I'll take it outside for a spin.

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