Tuesday, April 6

Las Cruces, Day Two (Part Two)

I can't believe I am still writing about Las Cruces!

After lunch, we headed over to NMSU campus to visit Caroline. She gave us directions to her sorority house without any street names so we ended up driving around campus for awhile. Finally she came and met us so we could follow her back to the place.

I was picturing an actual house, a la Animal House or something, but no, her sorority house is actually a cinder block dormitory.

My sister said the place was old when she went to school there in the 1980's so it's really old now. And looking at the bottom of Caroline's shower, I would say that they have never changed anything in it. Anyway, Caroline showed us her room and the common areas of the house. Then she walked us around campus. It's a nice campus. You can see the Organ Mountains and "A" mountain from just about anywhere.

Organ Mountains.

We hung out for a bit and then took some photos outside. I wanted a shot of Caroline standing in front of the pink trees and pink trimmed building.

In front of the Pi Phi house.

She was embarrassed about it and so we had to wait until no one else was out there. It was funny. She's such a good sport.

Will and I took off to find some thrift stores. It was a fairly successful adventure although we didn't find a whole lot to buy. The first place we went to was great. Such a treat to be in an actual thrift store. All the places in Santa Fe pretty much suck. I found a few Polaroid cameras there, but none that I needed to buy. Will bought an old reel to reel tape machine. I bought a little cup with an owl on it. We found the next couple of places without any trouble, but we didn't find anything to buy. I was hoping to find buttons, but alas, I can never find buttons. Our last stop was Savers, a newer sort of thrift store, not one with ramble shack piles of stuff. Nothing too exciting there, although I did end up buying a pair of jeans for ten bucks.

It was beer thirty at that point so we bought a six pack and headed back to the hotel. I took more photos to entertain myself.

When Caroline came over to meet us for dinner, I still had the tripod set up at the end of the bed. She walked in and said, "you know, that really doesn't look good." Haha. We headed out to have Mexican food again. This time at Si Senor. They had a big list of margaritas so Will and I both ordered one with high hopes. But no, still not good. Huge. But not good. All sweet and no tequila. The food wasn't all that great either. My chile rellenos were thick with batter, not light and crispy like I like them. Our waiter ignored us most of the time as well. Not going to bother trying that place again if we go back to Las Cruces.

After dinner, Caroline drove us back to the hotel and we hung out in the room for awhile. It was really great to see Caroline. I wish I got to see all of the nieces more often.

I'll wrap this up later with Day Three.

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