Monday, December 21

Woo-hoo and Phew!

We won, we won, we finally won! But good lord, it was so heartbreaking to watch the Steelers lose the lead in the fourth quarter. Please, no, not again. And our defense? Still not happy with them. At all. But Ben looked good. (Imagine how much better he would look with a stronger offensive line!) And after that unbelievable on sides kick, I actually still had hope since there were a little over two minutes left and we all know what Ben is capable of doing in that situation. And it all worked out. That catch by Mike Wallace was the SuperBowl all over again. He reminds me so much of Holmes as a rookie and, well, with the catch last night, methinks he is going to definitely be a great asset for the Steelers in years to come. I know our play off chances are super slim, but I'm just happy to have a win.

Today I had to run some errands for Santa. It went pretty smoothly, but I couldn't believe the amount of traffic. Ugh. Makes me glad that I do most of my shopping from home. Later, after lunch and some laundry, I started yet another bag. My favorite thing to do. Now I am taking a break for this, some banking and dinner making. Tomorrow I have to get groceries and then there will be more knitting. Wednesday I have to make natillas and scalloped potatoes for Christmas festivities. And Thursday we'll head on over to my folks' house for the usual farolitos and what not. I can't believe that Christmas is Friday. And that the end of the year is so near. The end of a decade no less.

Happy Winter Solstice!

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