Wednesday, December 30

I can't believe tomorrow

is the last day of the year. Of the decade. Crazy. I also can't get over the fact that I will be starting a new decade of age as I turn 40 in 2010. I know, I know, it's 9 months off, but it's on my mind. FORTY. It doesn't upset me, it is just strange. I remember when my dad turned 40 and my mom threw him a surprise birthday party. They were grown ups. I still don't really feel like a grown up. Which is okay, I guess.

Anyway, I'm not really good at end of the year posts. Last year I wrote that I felt pretty neutral about 2008 and I guess I feel the same about 2009. It wasn't a bad year by any means, but it doesn't stand out as a great year either. (And sadly, I only accomplished one thing on the list I made at the beginning of the year, the knitting one. Didn't even manage to get my ass to the eye doctor.) I feel pretty good about what I've accomplished with my little knitting business, but I also regret not doing a whole lot more. My approach to having a craft business is way too timid. I need to work on that. That said, I'm also really surprised that so many things sold at the shop over the course of the year. That feels really good.

I don't know, I guess I spent most of 2009 at home. Knitting. And watching A LOT of crime shows. We didn't travel enough and we hardly hiked at all. But the trip we did take was loads of fun. I'm glad we got to drive to the beach. It was a nice adventure.

And oh oh oh! We had lots of visitors throughout the year which was a lot of fun. We had a blast with CC and Dana in July and while we didn't have enough time with Sheryl and Rebby, the Earthship experience was amazing. So maybe not enough vacations, but definitely some great staycations!

So the highlights of 2009? Winning the SuperBowl! Our anniversary dinner at Terra. Caroline's high school graduation. CC and Dana coming out to Santa Fe. Mom's 70th birthday party. Sheryl and Rebby (and sisters) visiting and taking us to the Phoenix Earthship. Road trip to South Carolina with a stop in Winston along the way. And knitting. Knitting all the time and getting excited about new ideas and selling things.

We're spending New Year's Eve with my sister and boyfriend. I'm really looking forward to it. I couldn't tell you the last time I was with my sister on NYE. I've racked my brain and I seriously can't remember a NYE with my sister. I guess it must have been back when she still lived at home. (She's almost 10 years older than me.) So it's been awhile. Tomorrow is going to be fun.

Happy New Year to all! Have fun and be safe in your celebrations.

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