Wednesday, December 9

The Wii kicked my ass.

Things are busy around here. If we're not busy being busy, we're busy slacking off.

Last week we started talking about getting a Wii. I got it in my head that it might be a good way to exercise indoors when it is too cold to run. So after deciding that we should think about it until after the holidays, we went out and bought one yesterday.

We had a hard time getting the remotes to work at first and I was ready to take the damn thing back to the store. But we got it worked out eventually. Then I set up the WiiFit which I was pretty excited about until it told me that I have a WiiFit age of 55. 55? Come on! But it's all about balance on that damn board thing and I don't have very good balance. At all. Or coordination. Which is why I have never liked aerobics and things like that. Which is why I run. Outside.

The weight/BMI results seem pretty right on though. We added the cats too, of course, and their weight results matched the results from the vet. Sadly they are not allowed to do training with WiiFit. They are both bored to tears from being inside so much lately and could do with some extra stimulation.

Next up, bowling! Loads of fun, but good god, I can't even lift my right arm today. Apparently I am a little too realistic when throwing the ball. But it's fun. I'm not really a video game kind of gal, but the sports stuff is entertaining. And my one video game love is Super Mario Brothers and so that's the one I got and yes, it is addictive. I spent a good part of the evening playing it. And while I was drinking my tea this morning.

So yeah, it's great to have this thing that is a total time suck in our living room. It was 9 degrees this morning so I decided to work out with WiiFit and it took 90 minutes to do a 45 minute work out because they have so much damn crap to tell you and press "A" and on and on. Annoying. I did quite a few of the strength exercises, a few yoga things and a lot of the aerobics stuff. My favorite by far. The hula hoop thing is great, but of course I can't catch any of the hoops they throw at me. I love the running. Big surprise there. And the boxing was fun too. I suck at the step thing though. And some of the results are frustrating. For example, on one stretch I finished too quickly and put my foot down before I was supposed to and it said I hadn't done anything at all. Yeah, right. All in all it is not as satisfying as running outside, but let me tell you, I have been crippled for a good part of the day. Apparently I have a lot of muscles that I never use!

I would love to get into the yoga stuff, but it's hard to concentrate and breathe when you are trying to see what you are supposed to be doing while balancing on a stupid board. I'll keep trying, but I don't have much hope in that department. I'm kind of interested in the other work out thing they have, Active, or something like that, because it doesn't involve the balance board. We'll see though. I have to remember that this is something I will only do when I can't run outside.

I did knit all day today and finished up another bag. I have four ready to felt. I feel like a dumb ass for not having an Etsy up yet as I keep getting inquiries about my work. Must get that done. Too late for holiday shopping, but still. Get it done.

Anyway, it's Wii and knitting and movies. Come on over and bowl with us sometime!

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