Monday, November 16

Yesterday was an all-around

depressing day for football. The Steelers looked so bad and lost an important division game. AND Troy got hurt again. Although as Lamar Woodley said, "The season didn't end today...There's a lot of football left to be played." It ain't over until it's over, but nonetheless, a depressing game. My brother's Broncos lost, dad's Cowboys lost. Thankfully the Colts pulled it out at the end of the game and beat the Patriots. One bright spot to the football weekend.

We went to Bernalillo on Saturday to watch my nephews play soccer. That was fun even though we about froze to death. But between soccer and football, I didn't get any work done over the weekend which I feel a bit guilty about. I have A LOT to get done this weekend and on this Monday morning, it feels overwhelming.

One thing at a time, right?

Mondays are my chore day and I rarely look forward to the vacuuming and mopping that needs to be done. But both are on the agenda for today. Also the watering of indoor plants and laundry. Then, work.

But first, a nice run in the cold and sunshine.

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