Monday, November 16

Read some old offline

archives from 2001 and good lord, I can't believe how often I used to write about sex.

I also babble incessantly in a very different way than I babble now. It was all rock shows and love and good friends and rock stars and love and boys and whoa. My life is so quiet these days, it's hard to imagine the "I went out the past four nights" life that I used to have. But ahhhh, such funny and good memories.

Here's an excerpt from November 14, 2001:

well, i can't get into blogger right now so i am writing this in an email to myself and i'll try to post it later. as if you need to know that little detail. this just must be A Tired And Late Week for me, because i am tired and late again this morning, and last night i did not drink mas cerveza and i put my booty in bed at the usual time. (get your mind out of the gutter - not that kind of booty - although, that would be a nice treat - i am just talking about the booty that i sit on every day, all day, at work etc. and perhaps your mind was not even in the gutter. i know mine was. yesterday, when i was riding home from work, i had a very eight-year old boy/beavis & butthead moment. i've been needing air in my tires for a couple of days and so i finally stopped on the way home. as i was riding up the hill, i was singing a little bike riding song about how happy my tires were to be filled w/ air and as i was doing this, i hear 'squeak squeak' and i think, 'oh, well i guess i need to lube my chain as well.' then i laughed. heh. i said lube. my chain. heh. lube my chain. i need to lube my chain. i probably shouldn't be sharing these things w/ you, should i?) but i still slept through my alarm. maybe i am just worn out from the past two weekends of partying like a rock star. i can't be too worn out though, because if you are keeping track of things, you know that this weekend is Another Big Weekend 'round here. friday night the johnsons big band is playing at the gallery and saturday is the Big Show at gooskis, starring crazee & heaven from brooklyn, the human brains, and the fabulous dirty faces. and the jBB are playing again on sunday. three nights straight of some of my favorite Rock Stars. what a lucky girl i am! thank god next week is a short week and i'll have four days to catch up on my sleep. speaking of - i can hardly believe that next week is thanksgiving! where the hell did this year go? it's been kind of a crappy year for me - well, not crappy, but hard - but i don't feel ready for it to be over. although i don't really know what 'being ready' for a year to end really means. don't have much of a choice in the matter, do i? nope.

oh shit, guess who is sitting here babbling so much that it is now way past my shower time. uh yeah, that would be me. again. i zoned out big time on my run again. i left the house and then all of the sudden i was halfway through my run, thinking, 'how did i get here? am i running?' and as i became conscious of the fact that yes, i was running, i immediately became very sleepy and wanted to dive into a big pile of leaves, curl up into a ball and take a nap. mmmm....naps. and right now all i want to do is crawl back between my cozy flannel sheets and curl up w/ rocky, all nice and warm and sleepy w/ sweet thoughts drifting through my mind. but alas, i must shower and go to work. if i'm lucky, the day will fly by again and before i know it, i'll be taking the damn spanish test that has been hanging over my head for two weeks now. and then it will be thursday. i like thursdays.
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Little did I know what that Crazee and Heaven show would bring to my life!

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  1. Dude, we were so boycrazy that year!
    Glad we're settled down now. ;)


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