Tuesday, November 10


I haven't been feeling particularly bloggerly lately. Part of me wants to forget about this site and part of me wants to keep it going.


I am going to try to write a bit daily again. Or every other day.

My days are all so much alike, sometimes I don't have anything to say at all. Basically, I get up and spend some time online, run, knit, eat lunch, and then knit some more. I usually take a break at four and then sometimes after dinner I knit some more.

It's not boring to me, but it's boring to write about.

I'm exhausted today. Monday Night Football will do that to me. Will made tempeh chili again and it was delicious. I had mine over Fritos. The game was stressful and exciting and WE WON! Now I am already stressed about Sunday's game which is kind of The Game of The Season at this point. It's a must win if we want any chance of taking our division.

Anyway. Football.

Today I felted for a good two hours and it was frustrating. Nothing ever comes out quite right and it makes me feel like throwing in the towel. Then things dry and it all seems better. But man, felting is tough for a perfectionist like me. It is just so unpredictable. Even using the same yarn, over and over, things do not come out the same. It drives me nuts. Some yarn of the same type that I always use, felts for crap and I have no idea why. It's not that I want things to come out identical, I just wish that things felted more consistently. Like that last batch of flowers came out beautifully and then this one didn't. For no apparent reason. I also probably shouldn't felt when I am overly exhausted.

Then I sat down and started sewing together the flower pins. Fun, fun.

And now, I am taking that break.

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