Tuesday, September 22

Hello Autumn.

I am not ready for you yet! 32 degrees this morning. Are you serious? Now in addition to the four million other things I have to do today, I have to pick all the tomatoes and peppers because it might freeze tonight. And I have to dig out my warmer running clothes. I wore shorts and a t-shirt yesterday. But did I mention, it's 32 degrees this morning? Time to find the winter gear.

Not. Ready.

I wish I didn't get stressed so easily. I mean, it's just Stuff That Needs To Get Done. No reason to totally freak about it. And having a maxed out stressed level certainly doesn't make the day go any smoother. Everything that needs to get done is going to get done. It might not all happen today, but it'll happen this week. And that's okay.


I still can't believe it's going to freeze tonight. Good grief.

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