Wednesday, April 2

Time Capsule

Another nifty little Photojojo thing to do if you have a Flickr account. Sign up for the Photojojo Time Capsule and every couple of weeks, you'll get an email with a selection of your most interesting photos from a year ago. Just to refresh your memory.

I've gotten two so far. The week of March 15 which reminded me that I used to sew...we went to Lulu's birthday party and wore masks...and that I *love* that picture of the glitter and chandelier. (I have to admit when I saw the title of the picture before the actual picture loaded, I was expecting to see T. Glitter and a chandelier!) The second one came this week and it contains some of my favorite pictures ever.

I wish it went further back than a year though. I've been on Flickr since June of 2004 and I'd be more curious to see pictures from 3 or 4 years ago. But oh well, the blast from the past year is fun too.

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