Monday, April 21

'Roid Week 2008!

It's 'Roid Week on Flickr, starting today, and I highly recommend that you dust off that Polaroid and start taking pictures! Even if you aren't a Flickr user, go buy one last pack of film (or two) and take some shots before it's all gone. There's nothing like a Polaroid.

Me, I have plenty of film for the time being, so in a way I am in denial about the whole thing. And then it hits me. Eventually, all the packs I have will be gone, I'll open the fridge and there will be NO MORE POLAROID FILM. Ahhhh, it breaks my heart.

Not to say that I am making great works of art, or even doing much more than taking photos of cats, flowers and Will like I always do, but you know, it makes me happy. So damn happy. And recently, it has pushed me to try new cameras and settings and films and it's all so good. So fun. It's really gotten the old creative juices flowing.

So I can't help repeating, if you have a Polaroid camera, go ahead and buy a couple of packs of film. Take pictures of your cat, your lover or at a rock show. Not only will it make you smile, it'll make the people with you smile too.

Okay, total dorkiness is over now.

Um, so yeah, here are a few of my faves from 'Roid Week posted today.

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. Exposed, 5. Diana_Holga_017, 6. desert gas station

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