Wednesday, April 30

The Automatic 220

A totally unexpected gift in the mail.
Sheryl sent this lovely gift to me a month or so ago and I have been having so much fun with it. (Thanks again!!) It's actually one of the plastic models, including a plastic lens, but I tell you what, it takes some nice pictures. I've been playing around with the film speed settings and light/dark switch a lot and this experimentation has led to some interesting results. One of my faves, taken in Albuquerque with full sun, actually came out dark because I overestimated the power of the film. But I love the picture.

Looks like twilight with shining stars. But no, it's poorly exposed with specs on it. Nonetheless, a happy accident!

Another fave, and not an accident is this one.

I've used pack film before, but lately I've learned a lot more about it and while my first love is always going to be the integral films, I'm really into using pack film now. Which is particularly good since after all the Polaroid film is gone or too expensive for me, there will still be Fuji pack film.

Off to water the garden now. Here's hoping we get some rain soon!!

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