Friday, March 7

This Week

First, a special birthday shout out to Leah in Pittsburgh...Happy 30th!

This week has sort of been all over the place for me. On Monday, I *finally* was able to purchase the Polaroid camera that I have been wanting for a couple of years, the SLR 680.


I came across an eBay seller who just happened to be located in Santa Fe. It was great because I actually got to test the camera before I bought it. And boy, it is a sweet camera. I'm quite happy with the purchase, no matter that the film it uses is going to be gone in the next year or so. (Yesterday Will and I bought 10 2-packs of 600 film at Wal-Mart. Yes!) Of course I haven't been out much this week so most of the pictures I've taken are of the cats.

up close & personal with simon

It takes close-ups at 10.5 inches. Nice.

That day we also had to take Rocky to the vet. Not so nice. We had to take him again on Wednesday evening because he developed an abscess and it needed to be lanced.


It's healing up nicely though and he's been a great patient. He's a little grumbly because he has to be inside. He got lucky yesterday because we got snow. About six inches! So he was allowed to go out to the backyard since we can close the gates and he can't get out. The snow on the ground meant that he wouldn't roll in the dirt and get it in his wound. He tunneled around out there all morning. So cute.

What else? Oh, I had to rip out all the 21-inches of knitting that I had done on the vest project. Argh. I was not a happy knitter that evening. But I got back on it and hopefully I'll do it right this next time around.

Also, our friend Trevor has an opening at the College of Santa Fe Fine Arts Gallery tonight and there's a big write-up about it in the Pasatiempo. And yes, this means that we'll actually be leaving the house this evening.

We've only watched one movie this week, Away From Her. I was really looking forward to it, but then I ended up not being that impressed by it. It's a heavy story and it made both Will and I think a lot about growing old and perhaps having to deal with an ill spouse. But it seemed really disjointed to me, and maybe that's the way it was supposed to be considering the subject matter, but I don't know. I just didn't love it.

So there you have it. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and doing forget to change your clocks!!

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