Sunday, March 16

Polaroid Love

I am so loving the Polaroid SLR 680. The clarity of the pictures never ceases to amaze me. So glad that I finally managed to purchase one.

Some of my favorites from the week (from my own photostream):

green door
The Green Door

apple tree
Apple Tree

into the sun
Into The Sun

Untitled Diptych

I also had fun playing with the Holgaroid, something I haven't done in over a year. I set it up on the tripod and took a few self-portraits and a few shots in the backyard. Most of them didn't get exposed correctly, but still, it was fun. It made me sad that the type of film it takes is no longer available...types 87, 88, 89, etc. And of course soon, *none* of the damn Polaroid film will be available. The thought of it continues to break my heart. I've got a pretty good stock of 600 film right now, but I still get moments of panic and want to run out and buy more. And the prices are still rising. I saw it listed somewhere for $50 a two-pack. That's highway robbery! Anyway, here are two of the better shots from the Holgaroid:

Apple Tree

Hope you all are having great weekends! Today we're off to my parents' house to do our taxes. Fun, fun!

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