Monday, March 10

Old Polaroids

With Polaroid at the forefront of my mind these days, I've been wanting to find my dad's old pictures. Last evening we had dinner at my mom and dad's so I dug out some of the old photo albums. I scanned a bunch of them today so be prepared for lots of old pictures on my Flickr.

I love this shot of my mom sitting in the grass.

It was taken sometime in 1982 in the courtyard of the house I grew up in here in Santa Fe.

I also love these shots that my grandfather took with a Polaroid Land Camera.

Both shots were taken on 24 November 1966, Thanksgiving Day. Pictured are my grandma (paternal) and my uncle, my dad's youngest brother.

I have no idea what model of Polaroid my grandfather had. I asked my dad if he remembered his dad having a Polaroid and he said that if he had one, it was one that the government issued to him for work. I was hoping that maybe he had some secret Polaroid collection that I never knew about!

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