Monday, April 16

garage sale success!

garage sale

The garage sale turned out to be quite a success despite the dreary weather. It was cold and gray all day, but it was dry to we managed to get quite a few customers who were out and about and saw the signs that Will put up. Many friends also stopped by to say hi and look things over. I had quite a chill all day, but it was fun nonetheless. As you can see in the above photo, we had A LOT OF STUFF. So much stuff that I was rather disgusted with myself for having so much excess. I knew that I had many bags piled in the basement, but once I set it all out, it looked like the amount had doubled!

garage sale

I have gotten better at paring down my material possessions, but I am hoping to get even better. It is just not necessary to have so much STUFF, especially since we are going to be living in a much smaller place.

It rained all day yesterday so we were happy that we had the garage sale on Saturday. No one would have come yesterday. After the garage sale, we went to Sadie's two-year old birthday party. I'll share some of the photos later. Yesterday we ran some errands and then spent most of the afternoon hanging out with Blood. It was a nice, relaxing day. But now I have to get back to work around the house. There is still loads to do. Our move is TWO WEEKS away. Two weeks from right now, we'll be heading out of Pittsburgh. Wow.

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