Wednesday, April 25

the countdown continues


Last year I got a roll of 1600 film for my Pentax K1000 and it took me about a year to shoot the entire roll. Terrible, I know, but it's not a camera I carry around with me. Over the past week or two, I posted most of the shots on Flickr. I am really pleased with the way they came out and inspired to pull out that camera more often.

I had planned on posting about our trip today, but I have been on the computer for so long, backing up all my data, that my eyes feel blurry and my head isn't so focused. Oh, and I have also been studying maps online and searching for pet-friendly motels in various places. I'll tell you about that tomorrow. And about the stress that watching 10 minutes of the Today caused this morning. Travel anxiety, I don't need you!

As for the major back up, I was planning on doing it anyway since I have to pack up my computer soon and well, I generally do back ups before major travel. But today I did it for another reason. I have still been having problems with this brand new machine so after talking with my friend (the computer dealer), he called his company and they want me to send the whole box back. (The motherboard and one memory module has already been replaced.) The CPU overheated the other day, and a new computer should not be having so many issues. They don't really know what's wrong so they want it back. They may fix it and I'll get it back with data intact, or they may just send me a whole new computer in which case I'll need all this backed up data. So there you go. Not so fun on top of the move, but on the other hand, I wasn't going to be using my computer for a few days anyway so I probably won't miss it much.

This evening we are heading to Gooski's for one last burger cooked up by Blazzzer and some drinks with Blood, Chill and Glitter. I guess it will probably be my last trip to Gooski's for awhile. Packing is pretty much down except for the few things I can't do until Friday so tomorrow probably won't be too busy. Okay, so tomorrow will probably be my last post and Friday morning will be my last time with the computer for a week or more so if you need to email me, do it soon! I'm sure I'll post to Flickr via my mobile phone while we are traveling, but I won't have email access until we get to my parents next week. Wow, this is really happening!!

I'll leave you with a picture of Sylvia and me, sitting with Shades the Dog at the cook out on Sunday. Happy days!

shades at the picnic table w/ me and sylvia

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