Tuesday, April 10

flickr faves to save the day!

Hello again. I am currently having a much longer day at work than I anticipated and it is making me tired. I have a large shipment going out today and need to be here until the carrier takes it away. They were supposed to come this morning, but of course they did not and I could very well be sitting here until five o'clock! My patience is wearing thin, but alas, there is little that I can do but wait. I had hoped to get home early this afternoon and work on one last tote that needs to be made. I have been putting this project off for too long and it must get done this week. After it is done, the craft room will be packed up and I don't know when I'll get back to sewing! Perhaps in June...not so far off the way time flies.

On to some flickr faves from the past couple of weeks (since I missed last week).

sunnykat's owen. simply beautiful light.
not the fishes' untitled. an amazing Polaroid multiple exposure.
rebeccamissing's Every part stands still. more beautiful light.
druedrue's untitled. birds. a tree. two of my favorite subjects. lovely black and white photo.
vixgirl's seaside. love the light in this one too, so bright, I can almost feel the sun on my face. love the old-fashioned carousel as well.

That's it for today! Crossing my fingers that I get to head home soon.

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