Tuesday, March 20

tuesday favorites (and a wee bit of stress)

Hello! Boy, this day started off quite fantastically but has rapidly turned into yet another Stressful Day At Work. I've really been looking forward to leaving my job at the end of this month and shifting my focus over to preparing for the big move, but now it looks like I am going to continue to work in April. This was not part of my plan. (And I even gave 6 weeks notice to my boss!) But what can I do? I am not so great at saying no in such situations.

Some recent favorites on Flickr...

Girl from Mars' untitled.
Gayla's Flying Dragon (Poncirus trifoliata). I absolutely love this photo.

Bloody P.'s Girls with Cameras. (Photo actually taken by JM with BP's camera since BP was playing the show.) Is it strange to favorite a photo that I am in? Perhaps, but I so rarely see photos of myself that aren't self-portraits; I almost feel like I am spying on myself (if that makes sense). Also, I like this because it is a picture of me taking pictures.

Curious Bird's new wallets. Love the owl!!

And elsewhere...

10 Things I've Learned by Milton Glaser. A must read. I found it yesterday via Keri and it really opened up my mind.

Also from Keri - Wreck This Journal. Nothing but inspiration from Keri, always. She reminds me that perfection is not the ultimate goal. I am a perfectionist and it is a very limiting way to live. It is a constant struggle for me to LET GO.

This post at Sew Green got me excited about gardening in Santa Fe. I know it will be quite different than my gardening here (where it rains a lot during the summer), and I am looking forward to learning about plants native to New Mexico. It also got me thinking about water usage. I know that I need to be more conscious of my own usage, particularly living in a city that often has drought conditions.

And last, but definitely not least (and even though she probably won't see it), a birthday shout out to JChill, one of my very favorite people. Have a fabulous celebration!

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